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Limes Farm Butchery
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Limes Farm is very lucky to have an abundance of fruit trees and bushes. Lots of the fruit goes into our jams and tarts but we do keep some apples back for juice making.

We have also just planted a new orchard with over 50 apple trees, pears and other traditional English fruits. You are welcome to visit it when you come to the farm and you can follow the signs to have a picnic there. But the trees are small so unless you are very small you won’t be able to sit under them; at least not yet! But the view from the orchard is stunning no matter your size.

We also have a field dedicated to vegetable growing. It is a very sunny spot so the vegetables love it and we think you will too as you are welcome to go and explore. The majority of our vegetables are also used in our products but we do have a selection available to buy in the shop. You need to be quick though because we only sell seasonally and they don’t hang about for long – to give you an example, we cut our asparagus early in the morning in May, it goes to the shop for 9am and quite often by lunchtime it’s all gone!

For more information or to place your order call 01295 711 229 or email

But don't forget these are very seasonal and supply will depend on the size of this year's harvest. So be sure to give us a call if you require anything specific.