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Limes Farm Butchery
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We have a wide range of cuts available from our own farm-reared meat. If we run out (which does happen!) we have good relationships with our neighbouring farms that share our ethos and so we are able to source meat from them. So sometimes your purchase will be under one food mile and other times it might be under two; ensuring your meat is truly local and that you are also helping other farms to keep running. Making every bite of our joints, sausages and pies taste all the better!

Typically we have in stock a selection of prime cuts of beef, lamb, pork and chicken. Not forgetting our range of sausages and burgers so that your breakfast or barbecue goes off with a bang.

For more information or to place your order call 01295 711 229 or email

We also supply meat boxes for the freezer. These can be just beef, lamb or pork or if we have the stock a selection of each. To join the list to be notified first click here.