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Limes Farm Philosophy
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We think we're different; we make almost everything that we sell and we work hard to ensure our brand values remain at the heart of everything we do:
Assured Quality
Made for you

Limes Farm can be discovered in Farthinghoe in the rolling countryside of Northamptonshire between Banbury and Brackley. The farm has been in the Deeley family for around 200 years although the family can be traced back to farms in this area as far back as 1066. In more recent times Limes Farm has reared chickens, sheep, cattle and pigs and has grown a wide variety of cereals. We have also diversified so that we now produce a large selection of fruit and vegetables that are used in our own products.

We have incorporated the spirit of traditional farming into the way we produce our products. You see, traditional farmers know that you can't rush nature. Raw ingredients take time to grow, to ripen and to harvest. So we wait for nature to tell us when everything is ready and when it is we work flat out to make our range of produce.

Why are we different?

Limes Farm believes that a farm shop should be just that, meaning almost all of our products are made by us here on the farm. So in terms of food miles you could not possibly get fewer. We are not a shop on a farm; our produce is ours!

So, how do we do it?

As far as possible all of the raw ingredients in our products are grown here at Limes Farm using traditional farming methods without the use of unnatural treatments. Plants are allowed to grow at their own rate and if some fail, they fail and those that flourish are harvested for use in our products. Herein lies our unique difference - we let nature tell us what product each crop should become. If the onions have grown large and sweet they are perfect for onion jam, if they are small with a bit more zing they will be pickled. We only buy those raw ingredients we can't grow and even then we use our local food heroes.

We also keep a keen eye on our hedgerow as not only do they provide a wonderful habitat for birds and insects they also reward us with the most beautiful blackberries and succulent sloes. In fact all manner of exciting natural goodies make it from the hedgerows into our jams and chutneys!

The majority of traditional farmers never expected a vast harvest; they grew what they needed and a bit more to sell. The huge harvests that modern farms have to make are a result of modern economics. Here at Limes Farm we believe in smaller harvests so that we can make smaller high quality batches of our products using traditional methods.

When the sun rises and the sun sets there are only four words on our minds:
Limes Farm
Loves Food