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Limes Farm Philosophy
Will Seeds
We always say that when you have something this lovely why leave.

In the local history books, Limes Farm in Farthinghoe can be traced as far back as 1826 and it has been owned and run by the Deeley family for the past 200 years.  In fact the Deeley family can be traced back to Purston (the hamlet near Farthinghoe ) to 1066.  We always say that when you have something this lovely why leave.

John Deeley is recognisable to many people as the traditional farmer of Limes Farm, now in his seventies he is unwilling to retire despite having a retirement party some years ago.  He is a very active member of the Limes Farm Family and shares his knowledge of traditional practices to the next generation.With that in mind the farm reins have been passed down to his eldest daughter Nicky and her husband Ian Dorward. Nicky and Ian both work full-time in the family business and in recent years have managed to turn John’s 30-year dream of building a farm shop & tearoom into a reality.

Nicky, who is a trained chef and has worked on some of the UK’s leading food brands, is the driving force in the kitchen with her award-winning cakes and tarts and a talent for designing menus that showcase the farm’s homegrown and homemade produce.

After successfully project managing the barn conversion into the shop & tearoom from the derelict state it was in 2008 to its grand opening in October 2010, Ian is now tasked with the ‘behind the scenes’ role of the day-to-day running of the farm business. Ian has had a broad commercial experience prior to working on the farm and brings the skills he has acquired in these roles to the farm.  Ian says its far more fun working in a tractor than an office.  Although he does seem to spend more time in the office than the tractor these days!  Overall Ian’s dream to turn his back on the business world and work on the land with his family close by has now been fully realised and he can’t believe his luck!

Together with their sons Will and Dylan and daughter Jess and a team of hard-working staff, the Limes Farm story continues in to a new era – hopefully for another two hundred years at least!